Warm Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake

Served with a Vanilla Crème Anglaise  €5.85

Homemade Apple and Cinnamon Crumble

Topped with a Homemade Chocolate Sauce  €5.50

Chefs Baileys Cheesecake

Set on a Mirror of Fruit Sauces with Freshly Whipped Cream   €5.75

Homemade Banoffi Pie

Set on a Biscuit Base topped with bananas, toffee and Cream with a Chocolate Sauce   €5.85



Seasonal Fruit Meuringue

Meringue Nest Filled with Seasonal Fruit and Berries Served with Fresh Cream  €5.95

Chocolate Fondant

Warm Chocolate Fondant served with a Pistachio Ice-Cream and laced in a Toffee Syrup  €6.75

Trio of Dairy Ice Cream

Set in a Glass Coupe, Topped with Strawberry Fruit Syrup  €4.95


Tea/Coffee  €1.95
Cappuccino  €2.50
Café late  €2.85
Italian Espresso  €1.95
Irish Coffee  €4.95
Baileys Coffee €5.15
Calypso Coffee  €5.15
French Coffee  €5.25 

                       PLEASE NOTE:  One Bill Per Table